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Axial Energy Construction Managers will provide onsite owner representation. In addition to managing the daily activity on site, they ensure that the contractors adhere to procedure, inspect the work for completeness and accuracy, identify and manage risks and provide the communication to keep the project running smoothly. From start to finish of construction, we stay in close communication with the contractor and the equipment manufacturers to ensure that everything remains on schedule and we are readily available to respond to a field question and facilitate the resolution.

Construction Management:

  • Coordination with client’s development team regarding any open items, identified issues or optimization opportunities.
  • Coordination with Client’s engineers and EPC Contractor’s engineers to facilitate completion of project design.
  • Daily participation with the with the EPC Contractor for planning coordination.
  • Coordination between EPC Contractor and the interconnecting utility.
  • Verification of EPC Contractor’s project status.
  • Work with EPC Contractor to implement industry rated safety plan and quality control plan.
  • Provide change management through scope adjustment and project delays.
  • Enforcement of the contractor’s obligation to mitigate delays.
  • Facilitation and expediting the answers to RFI’s during construction.
  • Implementation of lessons learned from Axial’s experience managing other renewable energy projects.


  • Facilitation of execution planning meetings to ensure that the contractor is properly coordinating between the engineers, the vendors and the site construction team. Ensure that all owner obligations are satisfied and assisting the contractor to close out open items.
  • Ensure that the contractor is planning the appropriate resources to complete the work per the contract schedule.
  • Identify any lack of commitment or resources to meet the project schedule and report back to client management.

Change Management:

  • Preemptive solutions for scope gaps.
  • Quick and professional assessment to delay requests from the contractor.
  • Facilitation of responses to change requests from contractor.
  • Experienced enforcement of the contractual terms. Axial Energy is very experienced in being tough but fair. Enforcement of the contractor while maintaining the teamwork atmosphere that makes projects successful.

Cost Management:

  • Axial Energy will advise the Client of the least cost solution at decision points through the EPC phase of the project.

Quality Control:

  • Review of contractor’s quality control plan and insure that it meets the contract requirements and industry standard.
  • Spot inspections to ensure quality control plan is working effectively
  • Inspection of work and documentation to ensure completion and compliance of the work.

Document Management:

  • Catalog all project data and documents submitted by the contractor in a document management system. We will either use the client’s system or we will use Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Maintain a project document index.
  • Assemble document transmittals for all project stakeholders as necessary.


  • Axial Energy will work with the OEMS and EPC Contractor to ensure that their reporting is professional and sufficient.
  • Axial Energy will assemble information from the contractor and provide reports for the Client to meet its management needs.